Brand / Concept
Since its establishment in 1999 La Chaise is the active brand name of handicraft artist Hong Hyunju, who introduced a unique concept of combining wooden objects of Korean folk culture to the Swarovski Crystal Elements. From a tiny interior accessory items to jewelry works, the uniquely produced works of La Chaise’s boast for a great range of genres. La Chaise successfully hosted a number of exhibitions and sales events at famous galleries and departments stores in Korea and Japan to secure a sizable number of loyal customers to boost the artist fame internationally in her unique ability to reinterpret the immanently profound Korean beauty of folk culture and the exuberance of crystal decorations of the West. In recognition for the value of Hong’s unique artistic dexterity and styles, Swarovski granted La Chaise the distinct certificate number in 2008. The reverberating fame of the brand La Chaise is inviting the attention of Swarovski’s as artist Hong’s standing steps up to one of the leading artist figures in Asia.
A time after her work, each unique piece of La Chaise’s becomes a real entity where the sublime beauty resides by relaying the past and the present that any onlooker would reinterpret each collection as how old wooden objects came to a new crystal figure.

This brand differs in a distinctive manner from others in that its main artistic concept starts from an idea of matching two very unlike subject materials – The Antique objet from Korea and the crystal elements which is from western world. Then a brand new object emerges after many detailed strokes of dexterity to empower its artistic value.
Wooden raw materials are largely come from the decomposed parts such as front gates, rafters and window frames of an old Korean-style house. Therefore all wooden materials are already piece of an antique. Others are sorted out of everyday sundry props in Korea such as of bobbin, bowl, brass spoon, fruit platter, gourd, laundry bat, meal console, porringer pots, pound bat, rice paddle, rice tub and wash board.

During her early days artist Hong had occasions to dwell in the European countries – Britain, France and Germany for about ten years. It was in this period that her unique artistic sense – the future concept of La Chaise’s – developed. In those European countries she was deeply impressed with the fresh discovery of a thousand of different chairs – each with a unique design. The brand name La Chaise thus originated at this time, meaning a ‘chair’ in French and refers to a place for rest in life, which is the very essence of the La Chaise’s theme in the pursuance of artistic creation to everyday life.

2017Watashino heya (Tokyo)
2017Gallery Exhibition, personal (Daegu)
2015Gallery Exhibition, personal (Daegu)
2015Watashino heya (Tokyo)
2014Designer’s cross (Dongdaemun Design Plaza) ~12.31.2014
2014Watashino heya (Tokyo)
2014Moon Gallery (Seoul)
2013Asia Hotel Art Fair, group (Seoul)
2013Gallery Exhibition, personal (Daegu)
2013Gana Art Center, personal (Busan)
2012Gana Art Center, personal (Busan)
2011Gana Art Center, personal (Busan)
2011Itsukoshi Department Store(Tokyo)
2011Isetan Department Store (Tokyo)
2010Matsuya Department Store, personal (Tokyo)
2009Isetan Department Store, personal (Tokyo)
2009Watahi no Heya, personal (Tokyo)
2009Klimt Appendix personal (Seoul)
2008Watashi no heya, personal (Tokyo)
2008Gana Art Center, personal (Seoul)
2007Gana Art Center, personal (Busan)
2007Gallery Seon Contemporary, personal (Seoul)
2006Korean’s Beautiful Colors exhibition, group (Seoul)
2004Gana Art Center (Seoul)
2002Insa Art Center, personal (Seoul)
2002Ashahi Contemporary Handicrafts Exhibition, group (Osaka, Tokyo and Yokohama, Japan)
2014AAF Singapore.
2014Seoul Open Art Fair (Seoul)
2013Maison and Object (Paris)
2010Living Design Fair (Seoul)
2007Seoul Open Art Fair (Seoul)
2007Living Design Fair (Seoul) Planned ’Designer’s Choice’
2006Paris Furniture Fair (France)
2005Living Design Fair (Seoul) Selected as ’Medal Manufacturing Artist’
2004Living Design Fair (Seoul) Awarded ’Outstanding Product’ Prize
2003Living Design Fair (Seoul) Awarded ’Outstanding Space’ Prize
2014Delivery to Galleria Department Store segment A(Apgujeong Store)
2014Delivery to National Museum of Contemporary Art (Seoul House)
2014Delivery to National Museum of Contemporary Art (Seoul House)
2010Delivery to Shinsegae Department Store segment A (Head Store, Gangnam Store, Centum Store)
2010Limited Edition (hand mirror) Design for SK–Ⅱ 30 30th Anniversary
20105 Artists’ Collaboration for SK–Ⅱ 30 30th Anniversary
2009Launched accessory though CJ Home Shopping
2009Delivery to Leeum
2008Samsung Printer Crystal Decoration (USA)
2005Shinsegae Department Store Display (Seoul)
2005Caffe Pascucci Display (Seoul)
2005Restaurant Buon Posto Display (Seoul)
2004Restaurant Shu – Tai Display (Seoul )
2002Amore Pacific Brand Launching Show 총기획 (서울 쉐라톤호텔)
20013rd Model Display for ’Tower Palace’ (Seoul)
2000Restaurant ’Hwasumok’ planning (Seoul)

’La Chaise’, which means ‘chair’ in English, symbolizes ‘taking a rest’.